GDS 2014 / Jirka’s rockin’ thinkstorm / first impressions of Lumino City!

One of the moments, that made a big impression on me at Game Developers Session 2014, was the Luke Whittakere’s talk about his game Lumino City. Many of you have probably heard about this project, but I haven’t before and I’m glad I’ve discovered it through Luke’s live talk.

Some time ago, Luke Whittaker and Katherine Bidwel founded game developing studio State of Play and they started working on project Lume, which was just a little desert to significantly bigger thing Lumino City. You see, this „desert“ won an award a showed a new and novel way to create game looks. They decided to construct every location in the game from cardboard, shoot and record it with the camera and with the help of Adobe Flash and powerful programmer Daniel Fountain, they made a game of it. By all of that, the game gained original feel and cool look. In fact, they are not the first, who came with the idea of a „Crafted Game“ (e.g. Neverhood), but they came up with a new stance and raised a bar quite a bit. Whole Lumino City is huge model of a city, which is changing and transforming while you are going through. Well, technically, it’s not a huge model, it’s a huge complex of small details (1,5 – 2 metres tall) and most of the mechanical moving thingies are powered by small motors (e.g. The biggest wheel is powered by motor from microwave). The lights in the rooms are bought from the shops with the doll’s house accessories, so most of the lights you see in the game are working for real. I really like this way to make a game and I’m sure, I’m not alone.

Making of Lumino City

Making of Lumino City

Interestingly enough, there was a time in a development of Lumino City, that they went out of money and mood was down. So, they came up with the idea of making a new puzzle game KAMI, which is based on a simple mechanics of folding a paper. They put it together in like a month and this KAMI game had made them almost instantly enough money to continue on their main project! And you know, it’s quite mood and confidence booster when you can jump away from working on one game to make a different game, simpler game, which will finance finishing the dream project you’ve been working on last few years. One of the better cases in a game development i would say. :)

A cherry on the top of State of Play cake was the the story, how Luke and Katherine met. At the start of the talk, Luke showed us a first sketch of his luminating city from the time before he really started to working on it and he was alone for that job. It was more of a dream than reality then. Even that early sketch was quite ambitious. It was complex of various small houses, which were power by some solar panels a supplied by pulley mechanism. A quite clear idea. Luke discovered Katherine indirectly in a cafe, when he saw some work hanging on the wall there. It was a dissertation work from an architecture student Katherine and it looked just like Luke’s first sketch of his city! It wasn’t like a duplicate, but there were many similarities and it was unbelievable, that two people would invent something like that independently on each other. Luke contacted Katherine and she agreed to work with him, so they founded State of Play and made that awsome looking game. You can watch trailer on their website (

Making of Lumino CityMaking of Lumino City

At the end of the talk, somebody asked a bit picky question, which had lot of people on their tongues: „Haven’t you thought, Luke, about making it in 3D? It would be so much easier!“ I think, Luke said someting like: „It woudn’t be the same.“ And i can’t agree more. With this technique, he had to solve looot of problems and unpleasant situations during the development, however, the result looks great. Also he impressed lot of people and made a community, which are somewhere deep in their minds bored with classic game design and wants to try someting new. Well done Luke, may the force be with you! :P

Of course, at the GDS 2014 were lot of other interesting talks like the talks from the czech studio Warhorse Studios, which were again totaly awsome and funny and one of my collegues will probably talk about that in some other article. Those of you, who haven’t seen the Warhorse’s talk, check out the recordings on their website!

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Learning to run

Running animation sketch

New running animation sketch

Click for animated version.

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We’ve decided to change the name of our humble creative group. Fabulous “Broken Fingers Games” was replaced by even more splendid “Vicious Mime“.
You can see our new logo below and also in the page header.

Vicious Mime logo

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First screenshot

We are releasing very first screenshot from Other Inside.

Other Inside screenshot

Other Inside

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Other Inside

Yes, name of our game will be “Other Inside”. And there is a logo, which I think is pretty neat.

Other Inside logo

Other Inside logo

I was hoping we will be able to update this blog more often, but it seems I was naive. We are still working on the game and we want to make it real. Right now we are polishing a visual side and I hope we will be able to present first game screenshot really soon.

If there is someone who reads this, stay tuned :)

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Meet the Mime


Well, it’s time to show you, what we actually working on. Honestly, we planned to do this a lot sooner, but we hold it off, because we thought there’s not enough to show.

However, when you look at another projects like awesome Gunpoint, which started to give away first informations quite early, we decided there’s no reason to hold it off anymore. In case of Gunpoint, its impressive how community helped to create complete form of the game. You see, Tom Francis started with idea of freeware game with not that good looking graphics and thanks to community, he gained experienced people for making graphics and sounds. And the very same community helped to form this game through many different playtests and in the end people decided, that he should sell the game, because they gladly pay for it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that the game community is awesome, and it can give a lot to game developers. I have no illusions, that from now on there’ll be coming throngs of people here to critically comment every published post about our game. Although it would be nice.  Anyway, we have to start somewhere and even though it won’t be that soon, hopefully, we will get together with community in a nice way.

Our game will be 2D platformer

This game will be standing and falling on a good story. Our team consists of people, who love games and movies with great story and we would also like to tell a story like that. It should be one of these stories, that will be hanging in your head for a while after finishing the game.

Forget about gun power and hectic action. Whole experience will be mostly about searching and discovering. More than angry enemies, you’ll find logic riddles here. However, there’ll be appearing some kinds of enemies that you have to get through.

The whole idea of the game is about possibility of branching the story. As a player, your decisions will be affecting what will happen next. So you’ll get a chance to decide, how all of this will end.

The main character

And now, we gladly introducing the main character of the game.


Exactly, in our game you’ll play as a mime guy! How cool is that?

We can’t tell much more about this guy. It’ll be your job to find out and we certainly don’t want to spoil that adventure.

But you can be sure, that the fact that the main character is a mime is not random. It won’t influence just a story, but also a game playability. We are really proud about that. But more about gameplay some another day…

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Android: The Game (postmortem)

Inspired by Kloonigames postmortems (seriously, try Pluto Strikes Back, cool stuff), I decided to write postmortem of my own. This one will be about a game, which I made in 2011 and it took me 10 days (from 2011/02/03 to 2011/02/13).

Initial impulse for making this game was competition on Czech portal about Android mobile platform. Rules were simple, make the most original stuff possible with Android theme in it. Really original creations were supposed to win mobile phone or some of many secondary awards. I was sure people will be sending mostly pictures and videos, maybe audio recordings, and I said to myself “What would be more original, than something completely different and unexpected”, and that’s how work on the game started.

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Development session

Yesterday we had a small developer session in the house of our graphic designer. Well, it was supposed to be small session, but in the end we spend about 9 or 10 hours together. Thanks to that we managed to clarify some things and also we moved our whole game design into very interesting direction (more about that later).

Tom is programmingDave is testing new functionalityJiri is drawing

And of course, from all the hard work, we had to refill some energy with beer :)

Beer for energy

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First post

Welcome to our blog, unknown wanderer. Spend some time with us, have some bread with salt, wash your feet in a fresh water. This blog is in pre-pre-pre alpha stage right now, but its about to change.

We are a new independent game development team, so for all the fun we’re experiencing during development of our game, there isn’t much time for anything else left. More about us.

Despite that, once in a while we would like to post here news from behind the curtain of game development and also articles about anything else that excites us. First informations about our game will follow soon.

So let’s take a toast for all these forthcoming moments spend together.

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