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Meet the Mime


Well, it’s time to show you, what we actually working on. Honestly, we planned to do this a lot sooner, but we hold it off, because we thought there’s not enough to show. However, when you look at another projects

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Android: The Game (postmortem)

Inspired by Kloonigames postmortems (seriously, try Pluto Strikes Back, cool stuff), I decided to write postmortem of my own. This one will be about a game, which I made in 2011 and it took me 10 days (from 2011/02/03 to

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Development session

Yesterday we had a small developer session in the house of our graphic designer. Well, it was supposed to be small session, but in the end we spend about 9 or 10 hours together. Thanks to that we managed to

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First post

Welcome to our blog, unknown wanderer. Spend some time with us, have some bread with salt, wash your feet in a fresh water. This blog is in pre-pre-pre alpha stage right now, but its about to change. We are a

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