Android: The Game (postmortem)

Inspired by Kloonigames postmortems (seriously, try Pluto Strikes Back, cool stuff), I decided to write postmortem of my own. This one will be about a game, which I made in 2011 and it took me 10 days (from 2011/02/03 to 2011/02/13).

Initial impulse for making this game was competition on Czech portal about Android mobile platform. Rules were simple, make the most original stuff possible with Android theme in it. Really original creations were supposed to win mobile phone or some of many secondary awards. I was sure people will be sending mostly pictures and videos, maybe audio recordings, and I said to myself “What would be more original, than something completely different and unexpected”, and that’s how work on the game started.

Game is really simple. You are playing as the Android, who is liberating mobile phones (by uploading Android operating system to them). But situation is little bit complicated by apples which are attacking you.
I would like to say for the record, that I’m no more that Android fanboy which despises Apple products, as I used to be. I understand what is tempting on Apple devices and why some people choose it. I respect it, however iOS isn’t yet mobile platform for me.

You can download the game here (English version):

Game needs OpenAL libraries, if you don’t have them, they can be downloaded here.

During development, I was writing log with what I did on daily basis:
2011/02/03 – first day, I prepared basic classes for the Android mascot, enemies and mobile phones (and I was playing a lot with Androids movement and body structure)
2011/02/04 – collisions (really simple in this game) and progress bars
2011/02/05 – Android can liberate mobile phones and mobile phones can destroy enemies (but it’s not yet possible to send phones on enemies)
2011/02/06 – explosions (awesome!)
2011/02/07 – you can send mobile phones to attack, game background (until now there was only black background), first bugfixing
2011/02/08 – functionality for playing audio
2011/02/09 – first sound effects, proper reaction on Android and enemy, game score
2011/02/10 – enemies random spawning (I think I barely touched the game this day)
2011/02/12 – player lives, title screen
2011/02/13 – in-game help, finalizations, polishing, outlined red apple on spawn point (this is last moment feature, which improved gameplay a lot)

I think 2011/02/13 was deadline for the competition, so as you can see, I planned my time well. Also the first concept was right, and there wasn’t any need to change it during a development. Only one another person was helping me with this game, and it was my girlfriend, she was doing the playtesting. This showed as really really helpful. Game developer is often so immersed in development, that he cannot see game as a whole. Without my girlfriend, the game would be totally frustrating experience. Now I think game is intuitive and fun to play.

What would withstand some more work are sounds. Sound effects are really awful and it would be nice to have some background music.

Maybe you are asking now, how the competition turn out. I didn’t won. I was only one who send game, but they liked more video of 6 year old girl wrapped in green foil pretending she is Android mascot. But it’s ok, that happens.
Which pleases me most, is that I make game, which entertains me and my friends (my girlfriend was mocking me a lot, for not being able to beat her high score). And I must say, I’m proud of myself.

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