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We’re finally bringing you a more detailed description of Other Inside.


Our story is minimalistic and believable, inspired by real life.

Main character is a mime, pantomime is his greatest hobby. Besides that his life is quiet standard. He is living in a flat with his girlfriend. Our mime isn’t some knight in shining armor, just a normal man with all his flaws.

But one day something happens. An event due to which our mime descents into his own subconsciousness. At this place he is searching for the answers, fighting his personal demons and figuring out what kind of person he really is.


We’re dealing here with logical platformer with aspects of exploration adventure.

Mime in sewers

Mime in sewers

As a player, you are traveling through a twisted world made of mime’s memories. You are exploring the environment and uncovering various facts about main protagonist’s life. Game is also encouraging player to interact with the environment through various decisions you make. When you find a framed picture of a person important to the mime, it is on you what to do. You can break the picture or clean and arrange it carefully. Or you don’t have to do anything and just ignore it – that’s also your choice. The game is full of similar symbolic decisions. At the same time there are also big choices with serious consequences. Each decision affects game world, shapes main protagonist’s character and have some influence on the story ending.

Our mime is also discovering logical puzzles as he proceeds through the world. He needs to solve these puzzles with an use of pantomime. He is able to travel into pantomimic world, in which his pantomime skills are real. Thanks to this he can use objects which are not really here. The mime can create invisible walls and pull distant objects closer to him with an use of imaginary lasso. Logical puzzles are based on realistic physics simulation.

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