Going to GameDay

We are attending GameDay 2015 festival in Trebon, Czech Republic, this week. GameDay is a standalone part of international festival of animated films, Anifilm.

Flyers made for GameDay 2015

Flyers made for GameDay 2015

Vicious Mime will have its very own stand with Other Inside presentation on the festival. We’ve prepared approximately 15 minutes long playable demo. Everyone will be able to try it. This is the very first time we are presenting our game to general public and we are very excited and curious.

Last month and a half was filled with intensive work. We were trying really hard to get the game into the representative state. Some new game mechanics were implemented, lots of bugs were fixed, new levels were designed and the whole game really moved forward. It seems that deadlines are a good motivation to us :) Nevertheless the game is still in early alpha stage. There will be troubles, we are sure about it.

So wish us luck and come to meet us.

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