GameDay 2015 report

We are back in Moravia after two days on GameDay festival (see our last article). It was a great event and there is our report.

Trebon square

We’ve spent both days at our presentation stand in a company of other Czech game developers. On Friday the Czech game of the year 2014 awards ceremony was held. Traditional after-party took place after the ceremony and believe me that developers know how to party :) . Unfortunately we left the party soon, at 2 am (some developers didn’t went to sleep at all). We wanted to be in a good shape next day because of our stand.

Graphic designer Jiri is watchingProgrammer Dave

Approximately 20-40 people visited our stand and 41 leaflets were handed out. Sadly not everyone got to play the game. In some moments there was too big rush on our stand and we had only one computer available. But some people were coming repeatedly and they even brought friends. This pleased us a lot.

Main protagonist

Reactions to Other Inside were mainly positive. Visitors liked the basic idea of the game, the main protagonist, game mechanics and graphical style. Of course game isn’t perfect yet, this was the first public presentation after all. We encountered some problems, especially with controls. Not everyone got it right and we are going to focus on this part of the game right now.

Our stand was in the room with another 3 development teams. The biggest stand belonged to Dreadlocks, team which released their long awaited RPG sidescroller game Dex in the very same week. Right next to us Marek Mastny was presenting his MMORPG Novus Inceptio. And at the end of the first day FiolaSoft studio with their logical platformer BlackHole also build their stand. Of course we seized the opportunity to get to know with these developers. They’re really kind people and it’s pity, that most of them are located so far from us. Also great cosplay of Dex portrayed by Baty is noteworthy.

Dex cosplay by Baty

Many others developers had their stands here: paperash, Gamerous Studios, Blue PulsarFun 2 Robots and more. Unfortunately Soulbound Games cancelled their attendance at the last minute. Especially Dark Train by paperash is a game that I’m really curious about. The development team is full of interesting people with unconventional vision.

GameDay was really succesfull to us. It gave us a lot and we are looking forward to next opportunity to present our game.

Mime is love

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