About us

Vicious Mime – that is Jiří Great and David Konečný – a small game studio formed by two friends who develop games in their spare time. David is a professional programmer who is devoted to games since his childhood and had already successfully completed several freeware projects. Jiří is a talented graphic artist, he is working as a designer in the city of Brno. Apart from games he also has passion for music – he currently leads two music bands. In their games they want to put emphasis on freedom of player’s choices, powerful story and atmosphere. They like to surprise players with complex consequences of their own decisions. Development of interesting games is their life goal and long-term dream.

Location: Olomouc/Brno Czech Republic

Team core:

The helpers:

  • Henrich Lauko is a guy. He contributed to the level editor and sometimes wears a hat.
  • Tomáš Pěla is a programmer and musician. He helped us with the level editor and found a couple of bugs. And he plays a bass.

Contact us: admin@viciousmime.com


  • English
  • Czech